Geneva (Vernier)


Conveniently located in a populous Geneva neighborhood, known to locals as a meeting point for athletes and socialization.

Geneva (Vernier)



equipment available

  • Abdominal Bench
  • Crosstrainer
  • Dips
  • Pull Down
  • Pull-Up Bar
  • Push-Up Bars
  • Surf

equipment instructions


Dive into a traditional cardio workout while avoiding excess knee and ankle stress.


A sustainable cardio workout that tests oblique and abdominal strength through rapid, side-to-side movement.

Abdominal Bench

Shape the core through a classic sit-up motion. Increase your difficulty level with pulses, restricted movements or timed intervals.

Pull Down

Targets the lats and pectorals muscles, recreating the motion of more cumbersome indoor gym equipment.

Pull-Up Bar

Build strength in the upper body in a multitude of grasps and variations. Challenges the shoulders, back and arms.


Improve general upper body strength, focusing on the chest, triceps and upper back in one simple movement.