ADA accessible Dips/Pull-Up

Designed and rigorously tested to keep a comfortable arm’s width for pull-up and dips motions originating from a seated position.

Patented Design
Long Lasting Construction
Accommodates U.S. and EU standard wheelchairs
ADA accessible Dips/Pull-Up
Modified Bar Height
For movements from seated position
Sandblasted stainless steel
For optimal grip and longevity
Tested for a comfortable arm’s width
U.S. & EU standard wheelchairs

How It Works

Video Coming Soon!


ADA Accessible Dips: Grasp the parallel bars. Breathe in and pull yourself up. Slowly bend your elbows to lower your body until your upper arms are about parallel to the ground. Breathe out and straighten your arms to gently return to the starting position.

ADA Accessible Pull-Up Bars: Grasp the handles. Breathe in and pull yourself up. Breathe out and gently return to the starting position.

Purpose of the equipment: This equipment is designed to tone the shoulders, biceps, triceps, pectoral and back muscles.


Public Parks & Spaces
Property Developments
Corporate Parks
Athletics Facilities
Nature Trails
Retirement communities