Pull-Up Bar

Build strength in the upper body in a multitude of grasps and variations. Challenges shoulders, back, and arms.
Safe For All to Use
Long Lasting Construction
Designed & Validated with Physiotherapists
Pull-Up Bar
Build strength in the upper body
Challenges the shoulders, back and arms
Ideal bar height
For correct pull-up motion
Mechanically engineered and tested grip
To ensure maximum comfort

How It Works

See the Pull-Up Bar in action


Grasp the handles. Breath in and pull yourself off the ground. Breathe out and gently return to the starting position.

Pause briefly and repeat the exercise 5 to 20 times according to your physical condition.


Public parks & spaces
Property developments
Corporate Parks
Athletic facilities
Nature Trails
Retirement communities
Carmine Red (RAL 3002), our trademark color. A dynamic, attention-grabbing facade that provides instant recognition and curb appeal.
Location in Belmont, Switzerland: Copper Brown (RAL 8004) facades provide a lift of excitement and injection of unexpected color.
Location in Lumino, Switzerland: Zinc Yellow covers (RAL 1018) create symmetry with the footbridge escaping toward the horizon.
Location in Nyon, Switzerland: Magenta (RAL 4010) accents provide a calming, primary contrast to the architectural choices.


Every top and bottom cover can be customized in 215 vibrant, environmentally-conscious RAL colors — resistant to stains and fading over the years. Choose what fits your surroundings best.

Each machine, made from hot-dip galvanized steel, begins with a Basalt Grey (RAL 7012) powder coating, developed for a smooth, pristine finish and made from hot-dip galvanized steel. Surrounded by concrete, clay, grass, or any organic matter, Outletics parks stand out by blending in.

Looking for a color unique to your team, brand, or organization? We can customize it. Refer to the RAL color chart to find your match.

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