Machines that work harder

Developed in consultation with the Swiss Olympic physiotherapy team, our machines move individuals, organizations, developers and sports facilities forward.

Machines that work harder


Increased strength

Build muscle and healthier habits through functional movements in convenient outdoor spaces.

Increased wellness

Reduce the risk of disease and improve mental health through enjoyable, natural movements.

Increased flexibility

Challenge and expand flexibility through gentle, guided movements while preventing the risk of joint injury.

Increased balance

Create a newfound sense of happiness and wellbeing through Nature Rx — a prescription available to all.

BENEFITS for      

better benefits

Attract talent with on-site fitness through a holistic experience that rewards wellness, not simply performance.

better workforce

Build strength, agility and confidence in your talent pool and reduce their number of sick days — all while building team morale.

better outlooks

Give coworkers and employees a simple, easy-to-use release to help reduce the effects of workplace stressors.

better output

66% of corporations with effective health and productivity programmes believe they perform better than their competitors*

*Statistics cited from the 2013 Workplace Wellness Report at the World Economic Forum. Learn more

benefits to property


Build fitness right into your local landscape with machines that work for — not against — their surroundings.


Reduce tenant churn with a built-in, complimentary gym that stands alone as a selling point.

improved community

Promote a neighborly spirit with a functional gathering place for improving both fitness and wellbeing.

improved resourcing

Reallocate the costs of a communal gym or fitness center elsewhere, and save with Outletics equipment.

benefits to SPORTS

stronger prevention

Reduce injury risk by encouraging stretching and warmup exercises before, during and after athletic activity.

Stronger recognition

Stand out from competitors with our patented, high-tech constructed, compact parks, unique in their ability to cater to athletes of all abilities and experience levels.

stronger operations

Easy-to-install concrete slabs allow for simple machine placement and minimal business disruption.

stronger revenue

Secure local sponsorship and advertising placements on designated placards affixed to Outletics machines.


The park that we installed on the Lake Geneva shore is a huge success! It is used day and night by joggers and families.
City of Vevey
More flexible and better equipped than even my local gym. I wish there were a machine on every block
Steve J.
Outletics machines are the best — I use them for my out-and-back runs. Walk to the machine, hit my abs, and jog back.
Jennifer Y.


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