Twister [Kids]

Specially designed to accommodate growing young bodies and protect against injury. A strength-building tool for safely toning the abs and core, gradually expanding waist-level flexibility through an aerobic workout.
Safe For All to Use
Long Lasting Construction
Designed & Validated with Physiotherapists
Twister [Kids]
Tone the waist
And improve the flexibility of the back
Accessible handrail positioning
At ideal height for secure operation
Anti-slip surfaces
Broad disc platform with anti-slip surface for maximum comfort
Stainless steel loading structure
Reinforced for optimum stability
Heavy-duty axle
For seamless rotational movement

How It Works

See the Twister in action


Grasp the handle and step onto the disc. Rotate your hips from left to right.

Repeat the exercise for 5 to 10 minutes.