Push-Up Bars

Ideal for warmups before endurance sessions and cooldowns at the end of your workout. These bars are also a great choice for push-up and plank sessions.
Safe For All to Use
Long Lasting Construction
Designed & Validated with Physiotherapists
Push-Up Bars
Train upper body & back
Allowing for multiple holds & push-up variations
One convenient unit
Two distinct bar heights
Primary bar
Well suited for stretching legs
Secondary bar
For push-ups, squats, and planks
Slenderized bar diameter
Encourages a strong, confident grip

How It Works

See the Push-Up Bars in action


Face the bar. Hold the bars with your hands and stretch your legs out backwards. Support your weight on the tips of your toes. From this position, breathe in and lower your body towards the bar. When your chest is almost at the bar, use your arms to push yourself upwards again. Breathe out while returning to the starting position.

Repeat the exercise 5-15 times depending on your physical condition.