Abdominal Bench

Sculpt the core through a traditional sit-up motion. Increase difficulty with pulses, movement restrictions, or timed intervals.
Safe For All to Use
Long Lasting Construction
Designed & Validated with Physiotherapists
Abdominal Bench
Shape the core
Tone muscles in the back, abdomen, and legs.
For a comfortable, efficient workout
Fast-drying construction
For optimal use
Multiple posts affixed to the ground for maximum stability

How It Works

See the Abdominal Bench in action


Sit on the equipment and place your feet under the foot bar. Place your hands at head level. Recline to an angle that is suitable for your strength and fitness level. Breathe in and sit up, bringing your chin towards your knees. Breathe out, returning gently to the starting position.

Pause briefly and repeat the exercise between 3 to 15 times according to your physical condition.