Sports Center

Beloved by Chénens' athletes, our machines rest beside the football field for warm-up and stretching exercises.


Sports Center


equipment available

  • Abdominal Bench
  • Crosstrainer
  • Dips
  • Lumbar Massager
  • Pull-Up Bar
  • Twister

equipment instructions


Dive into a traditional cardio workout while avoiding excess knee and ankle stress.

Abdominal Bench

Shape the core through a classic sit-up motion. Increase your difficulty level with pulses, restricted movements or timed intervals.

Pull-Up Bar

Build strength in the upper body in a multitude of grasps and variations. Challenges the shoulders, back and arms.

Lumbar Massager

Ease tension in and around the lower back through gentle, repeated movements that minimize stress elsewhere in the body.


A strength-building tool for both the hips and back, gradually expanding waist-level flexibility through an aerobic workout.


Improve general upper body strength, focusing on the chest, triceps and upper back in one simple movement.