Marzili Swimming Pool

Marzili is a Bern summer's beating heart, with a host of sporting activities surrounding our park on the Aar River.


Marzili Swimming Pool


equipment available

  • Abdominal Bench
  • Airwalker
  • Back Massager
  • Balance Wheels
  • Pull Down
  • Pull-Up Bar
  • Rower
  • Surf
  • Twister

equipment instructions


A proven cardio workout that tests oblique and abdominal strength through rapid, side-to-side movement.


Designed for definitive physical conditioning, this machine tones multiple lower and upper body muscles with each movement.


Allows for frictionless, in-place cardio at any speed. Simulate a brisk walk or a moderate jog, without over-stressing the hip, knee, and ankle joints.

Abdominal Bench

Sculpt the core through a traditional sit-up motion. Increase difficulty with pulses, movement restrictions, or timed intervals.

Balance Wheels

Positioned to aid coordination, balance, and body control. Rotational force allows for a smooth, supported movement around shoulder and wrist joints.


Targets lats and pectoral muscles. Recreate the motion of more cumbersome indoor gym equipment. Engineered to improve posture while preventing risk of strain on the joints.

Pull-Up Bar

Build strength in the upper body in a multitude of grasps and variations. Challenges the shoulders, back and arms.

Back Massager

Unwind soreness, stiffness and tension in the upper back with Outletics Back Massager.


A strength-building tool for toning the abs and core, gradually expanding waist-level flexibility through an aerobic workout.